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“We want to thank American Credit for the being a truly honest and trustworthy company. It is a very scary and intimidating position to be in to allow a total stranger to have access to our bank account for the last 2 years. We chose your company after learning of you on your web page. I am so glad we made the decision to have you all help us to get out of debt. I mentioned you to our bank and recommended you for any of their customers who may have money management issues. The loan officer I told was very glad to hear of a company that could be trusted. There are so many that have scammed people like us and wiped out their bank account. We have recommended your company to several people. If we can do a commercial or anything for your company, we would be proud and pleased to do so. It was the hardest, yet most rewarding step we have made regarding our debts. It feels so wonderful to have the burden of dealing with bill collectors taken off of our shoulders and knowing that they were being paid. We have also learned to use what little bit of money we have, and how to spend it very wisely.”

– Beryl and Beverly Young



“Thank you for following up on this matter. My experience with American Credit has been a pleasant one. I will highly recommend this credit program to anyone who is in need of such services..”

– Jeanmarie Durando



“Go ahead and pay it now! The sooner the better. I want to be done! Thanks for all your help. You’ve been wonderful to work with. I am so STOKED to finally be out from under this. I couldn’t have done it without you. My credit score has already increased over 40 points.”

– K. Stewart



“I just called Peoples Heritage and the payoff as of today (11/8/03) is $57.03 and increases $.01 per day. I also left you a voice mail with the same information. Hope all is well with the staff of American Credit Foundation and we are so excited to be finally debt free! Thanks to all the hard work and efforts of everyone there. American Credit Foundation is awesome! .”

– Paula & Mason Willey



” When I started this program, many people were telling me that I had made a bad decision. I was told that joining a program like this was much like filing bankruptcy. My logic of thinking said this was a smart move because you were getting the interest rates lowered for me as well as making the payments to each creditor for me each month. I tried to get the various interest rates lowered on my own, prior to joining the program but with no luck.

When I went to buy a house a few months ago, many people told me that I would be unable to purchase a home because I was enrolled in this program. I called you and you told me that I shouldn’t have a problem at all. You sent me a letter detailing my time in the program and I kept it on file in case anyone needed it. I had no problem at all getting a house. In fact, I got a 4.5% interest rate!

I have been very pleased with your services. All of you are very friendly, quick and always willing to help. Thank you.”


– Steve Talbott



“After I signed up with ACF, I started hearing really bad things about “all debt counseling services”. I was hearing things like no payments were being sent, they were taking more out of accounts than they were supposed to, and several other things that were leaving people, who are already in a financial bind, even worse off. I have to say that not only have all my payments been made on time and accurately; Adam, I feel, has gone above and beyond by counseling me with individual “bumps in the road”.

I have been through 3 job changes and some very tight months with my finances, and Adam showed me how I could maintain my payments and not just give up. There are two occasions I can specifically think of where Adam did this. I was ready to stop making payments and start listening to the phone ring, but Adam showed me I had options.

I am extremely glad that I chose to go with ACF rather than any other company. The people have been friendly and ACF has done everything they said they were going to do.

Thank you for all the time and attention you have given to me and my creditors, not to mention the peace of mind you have brought to my life. Thank you.”


– Keith Meeks



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