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Program Details

Debt Management plans involve restructuring your current debt with existing creditors. Money is not loaned, and creditors do not change — but the terms and conditions under which the existing debt can be repaid changes significantly. Under our Debt Management Plan, we will contact your unsecured creditors to notify them that you have enrolled in our Debt Management Program and we will arrange for the terms and benefits typical within this program. Typically these benefits include; the lowest monthly payments and lowest interest rates possible, stopping late fees and other punitive charges, and re-aging accounts to bring them current. We then consolidate those debts into one monthly payment to the American Credit Foundation and then disburse the payments to your creditors, on you behalf, each month.

Once we receive your application, you will be assigned a counselor that will go over your information and your preliminary online quote and will develop a Debt Management Plan for you. Your counselor will then contact you with your new monthly payment and verify your preferred payment date. We will then notify your creditors and make payment arrangements. Within a week or two you will receive a welcome package that confirms your Debt Management Plan and includes other useful information.

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