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How Do You Know If You Need Debt Management?

  • Are your monthly payments higher than your comfort level?
  • Are you on-time with your bills, but tired of watching your balances go nowhere because of high interest rates?
  • Are you thinking about borrowing money to consolidate your debts?
  • Do you usually pay only the minimums on your credit cards each month?
  • Have you fallen behind on your payments due to an emergency or unexpected expense, and find it impossible to catch up?
  • Does it seem like your financial situation is becoming unmanageable?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Our debt management program may help you so give us a call or fill out the form to the right today!


What FREE, Professional Credit Counseling could do for you:

  • Single payment: Consolidate credit card debt in one payment without a loan
  • Cut your monthly payments up to 50%*
  • Get out of debt in 1/3 the time*
  • 95% of our clients significantly reduce their interest rates.
  • A proven solution to get out of debt, safely and legally.
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What Are Our Clients Saying?

“It feels so wonderful to have the burden of dealing with bill collectors taken off of our shoulders and knowing that they were being paid. We have also learned to use what little bit of money we have, and how to spend it very wisely.”

– Beryl and Beverly Young

“Thank you for following up on this matter. My experience with American Credit has been a pleasant one. I will highly recommend this credit program to anyone who is in need of such services..”

– Jeanmarie Durando

“Go ahead and pay it now! The sooner the better. I want to be done! Thanks for all your help. You’ve been wonderful to work with. I am so STOKED to finally be out from under this. I couldn’t have done it without you. My credit score has already increased over 40 points.”

– K. Stewart

Get your consultation scheduled with on of our experts, you won’t regret it.


Learning Your Specific Benefits with Credit Counseling and Debt Management is absolutely FREE and starts with a call to one of our experienced, certified counselors.

Your information is always kept safe, secure and it is never sold.


The staff at American Credit Foundation has been helping people achieve their financial goals since 1994. We were founded with the objective of meeting a long-standing need for a debt management program designed for people who were frustrated with their debt situation and looking for a simple way to get out of debt quickly, as well as lower their monthly payments without having to qualify for a consolidation loan.

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