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Bringing up Family Finances

It’s time for “the talk.” Yes, it’s time to get past your feelings of awkwardness and fears of uncomfortable silence, and sit your family down for a frank discussion… of your finances. Granted, money conversations with your family might not be fun, but they sure beat money...

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What to Ask Yourself Before Taking Out a Loan

So, you’re looking for access to extra funds. Maybe you want to consolidate multiple higher-interest debts. Or you could be looking to fund a small business. Or possibly your home is due for a remodel. There are about as many reasons for taking out a...

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Benchmarks of Financial Health Beyond Credit Score

When it comes to your overall financial health, your credit score is very important – which is why we devote a lot of attention to this benchmark. Your credit score is a solid indicator of your financial habits. It’s an unbiased, data-driven number that reflects...

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Scam or Legit? How to Spot a Financial Scam

Phony online shopping sites. “Spoofed” phone numbers. Legit-sounding tech support calls. It seems like scammers are always coming up with new ways to trick people into sharing personal information. The good news is that most of these scams are easy to spot – if you...

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Debt Got You Down? Self-Care Is the Answer!

Self-care is one of the many buzzwords to gain traction on the blogosphere in the last year or so. Google “self-care,” and you’ll find images of people blissfully doing yoga with goats, eating healthy food, or kicking back with a good book. You might also...

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Identity Theft: What to Do if it Happens to You

Perhaps it starts with a phone call from a debt collector, demanding payment for purchases you don’t remember making on a credit card you don’t even have. Maybe you suddenly stop receiving your bank statements and credit card bills in the mail. Or possibly you...

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Debt Repayment Methods: Pros and Cons

Do a quick Google search for “debt repayment,” and you’ll find plenty of suggestions, from the gimmicky (Snowballs! Avalanches!) to the no-nonsense (balance transfers). How do they stack up? Which one is right for you? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the...

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Credit Card Promises That Don’t Live Up

So, you’re an easy mark: The additional discounts offered by becoming a cardholder and all those bonus points if you “sign up now” are too good to pass up. But if you’re feeling that pull from a “cash-back” or “mileage points” credit card, pause for...

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