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3 Simple Household Money-Savers

It’s simple math: To save money, you need to spend less than you bring in. Unfortunately, this simple math isn’t always easy to figure into your life. If you’re like most people, you are burdened with some level of debt. And financial woes can be...

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Is It Time to Refinance My Mortgage?

As with most personal finance matters, refinancing your mortgage is an individual decision. If you’re considering a change, be sure to take into account all of your unique circumstances – don’t simply get hung up on rising or falling interest rates. There are important pros and...

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How to Deal With These 6 Hidden Charges

Ugh, hidden fees! They crop up everywhere and are seemingly unavoidable. Some of these charges are so sneaky that you might not have noticed them. Or they’re so small that you only realize they exist after they’ve added up over time. Let’s investigate some of the...

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How to Keep Wedding Costs Down

It’s your big day: your wedding. It’s the symbolic “first day of the rest of your lives” as a married couple. Celebrate the way you want, but don’t start your union in debt. You’ve already established a budget. And you’ve set up a cool spreadsheet to...

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10 Signs of Out-of-Control Credit Card Debt

10 Signs of out-of-control credit card debt. Chances are, your reasons for getting a credit card were solid. Maybe you wanted to improve your credit score. Possibly you were looking for a financial safety net until you were able to build your emergency fund. But...

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Small Things That Hurt Your Credit Score

FICO is the most common scoring system that lenders use to determine your creditworthiness. This score takes data from your credit report and compiles five main factors to figure out your credit score: whether you consistently pay bills on time, how much debt you carry,...

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Avoid Paying for THIS with Plastic

When used properly, a credit card can be an integral part of your financial arsenal. The big caveat here is the word properly. Credit cards used improperly or recklessly can spell certain financial ruin. There are numerous ways to fall victim to this. One is...

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4 Ways to Consolidate Credit Card Debt

4 Ways to consolidate credit card debt. Credit card debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple credit card balances into a single monthly payment. Consolidating your credit card debt can make payments easier and sometimes even cheaper. If you can score a lower interest...

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4 Tips for Savvy Credit Card Use

4 Tips for savvy credit card use. Your credit cards are an important part of your financial portfolio. When you use them wisely, they offer a plethora of benefits. You don’t need to carry around a big wad of cash, and if you use reward-based...

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Do I Need Credit Counseling?

Let’s face it: Debt has a way of creeping up. Small charges that add up over time or unexpected expenses can often lead to a mound of debt. This is particularly true during times of reduced income or unexpected job loss. Before we know it,...

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