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Credit Union or Bank? Here’s How to Decide

When it comes to financial services such as savings accounts, personal loans, checking accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposits and more, all your needs can be met using a credit union or a bank, or both. But how do you choose? To figure it out,...

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The Best Things to Buy To Build Credit

Have you checked your credit score lately? Is it a little low for your liking? Are you trying to build a solid credit history after years of going cash-only? There are lots of reasons you might want to boost your credit score, but it can be...

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Debt Avalanche Method Defined and How it Can Work For You

If you’re facing a mountain of debt, you might welcome an avalanche to bring it all down. You’ve likely heard of the “Snowball Method” of debt repayment -- but have you heard about the “Avalanche Method”? Here’s how the avalanche method works: You start by listing all...

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$40 Can Feed You All Week. Here’s How

When you think of $40 budget items, what does your mind usually turn to? A tank of gas? Perhaps, your monthly haircut? Maybe $40 means your weekly entertainment allotment, such as a dinner out or a night at the movies. All these options are fine, but...

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Understand How Your Credit Score Affects Monthly Bills

For better or worse, your credit score can have a wide-ranging impact on many aspects of your life, even those not obviously related to credit, such as your cable or cell phone bills. Many of our past articles have discussed how to raise your credit...

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Stop Overspending With These Tips

In honor of the new year, let’s talk about easy ways to revamp your monthly budget by lowering some of your regular expenses. Truth be told, it’s always a good time to reevaluate how much money is going out versus how much is coming in,...

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