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Goal: A Higher Credit Score

When it comes to credit scores, the higher the better. Ranging from 350-850, your score can impart serious consequences on your financial life including what type of interest rate your credit cards carry, whether or not you’re approved for loans, your car insurance rate (in...

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Even when you’ve got a carefully planned budget in place, life happens. All it takes is one unexpected expense – say, a home or car repair; a random impulse purchase; emergency dental work; you name it – to knock your finances off course. Blowing your...

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Sidestep Hidden Credit Card Fees with These Tips

As much as Americans love to use credit cards – we have nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt to prove it – you’d think more of us would be well versed in the myriad of fees that often pop up on our monthly statements....

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Your Credit Card Payment Is Rising

Did you know your minimum credit card payment is rising? A new government program working to get Americans out of credit card debt is pushing credit card issuers to raise minimum monthly payments. Will you be able to make the higher monthly payment? Here are...

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Credit Counseling Services Checklist

There are credit counseling agencies that rescue people from the deepest financial holes. There are also credit counseling agencies that just shovel in more dirt. How do you tell them apart? Signs of a Reliable Credit Counseling Agency Better Business Bureau Membership The service’s website...

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The $10,000 Credit Card Challenge

Thinking about conquering your mountain of debt but too scared even to give your debt much thought? Read this real-world scenario of how one person erased $10,000 of credit card debt within a few years. Ever wonder how some people deep in credit card debt...

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Top Twelve Tax Tips for Small Businesses

Tax time is spinning ever closer, but you still have plenty of time to get your small business taxes in order and be able to enjoy a worry-free spring. Here I have compiled a list of the top twelve tax tips that will help you...

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